Ways to Manage Back Pain Without Medication

The American Chiropractic Association says that there’s an 80% chance you’ll experience back pain at some point in your life. On the flipside, however, it isn’t hard to deal with the condition. You don’t even have to book for an appointment with your orthopedist or chiropractor. Instead, make these remedies part of your treatment plan.


Research on CBD oil for chronic back pain management is promising. CBD can offer a brilliant alternative if you use habit-forming medicines such as opioids to manage your pain. Medical evidence shows that CBD works by interacting with receptors in your brain and immune system. The ripple effect is that it alters how your body reacts to pain, and by extension lowers the intensity of suffering.

Even more impressive, CBD oil can reduce anxiety and depression significantly. For starters, stress can trigger back pain symptoms including spasms, soreness, immobility, and stiffness. Even then, be sure to do some research about the top cannabidiol product for anxiety to reap the benefits of CBD for back pain.

Get an Ergonomic Office Chair

Long hours of sitting in the office can cause back pain. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to invest in a chair that has the right ergonomics. At the very least, make sure that the chair of your choice can recline to enable you to stretch your back. On top of that, it has to be sturdy enough to handle your weight. Of course, you’re better off with one that features an armrest and height adjustment. The long and short of it is that the best office chair has to allow you to prop up your back and by extension, correct your posture.

Invest in an Inversion Table

One of the most overlooked ways to manage back pain is using an inversion table. By design, the table allows you to suspend your body upside down, an action that helps stretch the soft tissue and muscles around your spine. More than that, it provides traction to reduce the pressure on the discs and nerves in your vertebrae. Regular use can help you treat mild back pain for good.

Get a Massage Chair

Massage therapy is essential when it comes to managing chronic back pain. Choose a massage chair that lets you control the speed at which it works on your back.  Check to see if the model you intend to purchase has convenient, easy-to-press control buttons. While massage chairs are relatively expensive, they’re super effective at providing relief and relaxation. Plus, you can’t compare the long-term cost of hiring a masseuse to the initial price of a massage chair.

Get a Firm Mattress

Sleeping on a soft mattress can aggravate your back pain. Besides, lack of support from your mattress not only reinforces poor posture but also strains your muscles. Also, it doesn’t align your spine. When scouting for a mattress, choose one that’s firm enough to support your back and natural curve. A medium-firm mattress offers more back pain relief according to research.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

You’re more likely to suffer from back pain if you’re overweight. The extra pounds stress on your spine cause the discomfort. Eat a healthy diet filled with veggies and fruits. Stay away from fatty or processed foods. Also, embark on a regular exercise regimen to help you shed off the excess weight and strengthen your back muscles.

In Conclusion

Chronic back pain can reduce the quality of your life substantially. Make sure that you find a remedy that works for you can stick to it. At times, managing the pain is all about making healthy life tweaks such as exercising regularly.