Using Bad Weather to Our Advantage

There were several great things about being on the coast of a beach. However, some people who live an hour or so away from the coast may not be able to see the beach every day, but they also have less tourist seasons and more regular progress. Living near the beach is a dream that many people will have throughout their lifetime but only a select few will actually make that dream a reality.

We never lived closer than two hours to the beach, but we loved going there every summer. We would swim in the ocean, in pools at the hotel, and enjoy the water parks that scattered the coast. My family enjoyed spending this time together and being able to do the fun activities once a year with one another. It was something that we all looked forward to every year. However, we make sure to plan when the weather is not going to be bad.

Bad Weather

The beach see some of the worst things Mother Nature can throw at it. Some of the beach has washed away, making the shoreline shorter and shorter. Bad weather is probably the biggest cause of destruction at the beach. There are hurricanes that hit every year, sometimes they barely miss the state, but do a fair amount of damage on the coast. Sometimes the eye of the hurricane could come straight up the coast and into the inland part of the state.

While I was growing up, I never had to worry about the threat of a storm or hurricane coming over top of my house. All I knew was that my parents knew when to alert me to become alert, otherwise I played with my Barbie dolls and had fun in my make believe world. I do recall the power going out on us several times and having to use a generator to keep the fridge running and to take showers with the hot water heater.

Being I am all grown up with a family of my own, I realized that I was unprepared for the bad weather that could eventually come my way. Having to deal with no electricity for a few days to a week is not very fun. Things will spoil and if you have no way to get anywhere and you were not prepared, chances are you become a world class chef of odd objects like spaghetti chicken. Instead of having to be in that type of situation again I convinced my husband to read up on portable generator reviews to see exactly what we needed to make life easier when the power was out.

Getting Good Use out of Our Generator

We had a few storms pass us by that weren’t that bad. The lights might have flickered but they did not completely go off. A few years back we had our generator packed away and a storm came through that no one had expected. It was not a terribly bad storm, but bad enough to blow over several trees all over the coast line and an hour or so inland. It tore down quite a few powerlines putting half of the coast without power for over a week. We were thankful to have purchased our generator and stored it ready to be brought out and used.

That week was not a very easy week as we had to live without some things that were very dear to us such as our working phones and tablets that didn’t seem to work without power, or without a good charge of electricity. It was the perfect opportunity to actually sit down and talk to the children. They were sharing all sorts of things about school that we had never heard them talk about. They were excited to be able to tell their stories and one by one they did so.

After the lights come back on, we made sure that that moment was not lost. We continued to sit down with the children at least twice a week and to talk about how their day went, and what they were learning in school. Since we have started doing this, they seem to open up easier about things that used to be tough to discuss, such as my son having a crush on a girl.