Upholstery Fabric Spray: Capabilities and Limitations

With furniture fabric spray, you can now renew the appearance of your old furniture. Tired of that worn-out, dirty white appearance of your chair? Then, you can use fabric spray to dye it purple! Are you questioning the potency of fabric spray? Well, that is only natural because not all great things have no issues.

An Overview of Fabric Spray

It may be the first time you’ve heard of the term “fabric spray.” Well, these types of paint contain adhesive-like additives to help it stick to the fabric. The most popular application is by spraying it onto the fabric’s surface. Hence, the name “fabric spray.” Sounds quite simple, right?

There are various equipment and methods available for spraying fabric paint onto a surface. Some professionals use expensive setups, such as airbrush and compressors. However, beginners to painting may start with fabric spray paint and still achieve great results. Even you may begin your craft projects now, using fabric spray paint. With a furniture fabric spray, even you can become a master painter of upholstery.

Where to Find Good Fabric Spray Paint

Be careful when buying spray paint. The reason for this is the fact that paint companies do not label spray fabric paint as for fabric. And so, as a buyer, you should consult labels and sellers to determine the nature of the product you intend to buy. For more information about spray paint, visit Fabric Spray – The home of Simply Spray Fabric Paint.

Spray Paint Works Best for Certain Furniture

You may be thinking right now, “Okay. So it can’t be used on everything.” Well, don’t feel too down yet. There are lots of furniture that are compatible with spray paint. How about armoires, dressers, and coffee and kitchen tables? Actually, not. You wouldn’t want to spend so much time with larger furniture, so do not use a can of spray paint for them.

The best type of furniture to use fabric spray on are those smaller, detailed ones. With those smaller areas, you can easily get an even finish. Also the same case with furniture that has legs and beveled detail. Here are a few types of furniture in which spray paint may work well.

Bar Stools

Okay, this first example works well with spray paint. You can see that bar stools have narrow surface areas, which is compatible with the spray pattern of a spray paint. Painting bar stools is a cheap way to make your kitchen colorful. Bar stools are also the easiest for you to experiment spray painting.


You should see the pattern by now. Chairs, like bar stools, have vertical legs and narrow surfaces. That is much easier to color with spray paint than a painting brush. Spray paint will dry quickly and give an even layer. You do not even have to worry about drips that cause problems in the traditional paint.

Console or Side Tables

These tables usually have a few legs and some beveled detail, so sprays paint will work better than a brush to achieve an even finish. The top of tables can still get a smooth work if you keep your spray can 8-12 inches away. Then, do not forget to do even strokes from side to side.


Nightstands are quite similar to small side tables. Again, you probably see similar patterns as before. Besides having a vertical leg, night stands have details that are easier to paint using a spray can than with a paint brush. Nightstands tend to have drawers and sides that will require extra sealing if you do not want them to get contaminated with paint. Always remember to seal drawers with paint to avoid painting them with spray.


Fabric spray paint is slowly becoming more popular because of its convenience of use. Also, fabric spray paints cause pigments to stick to surfaces. Furthermore, the fabric spray paint works best on highly-detailed furniture with small surface areas.