This Old House

When I bought my home, it wasn’t just a decision based on logical factors. Yes, I considered things like location, my budget, and the amount of renovation needed to bring the home into this century.

But, at the same time, buying my home was a passionate decision. I simply fell in love.

As I drove up to this 1930s Tudor style house, I felt the charm already pulling me it. It had those gorgeous bricks covering the lower half of the home, mostly concentrated around the front door and lower windows. The second-floor exterior had that cream and deep brown half-timbering, too, which gave the building that wonderfully historic feel.

Then, as I walked through the arched front door, I knew it was over. I was going to buy this house.

It’s been a romance story ever since.

And, like every love story, we’ve had our ups and downs.

The day we moved in was like walking in a dream. I practically floated in and out of each room and back to the moving truck, barely noticing the weight of the boxes. I was so excited to place my belongings and really turn this home into something that was mine.

Then, when a pipe in the upstairs bathroom burst, we had our first fight. The water seeped into every crevice and corner, and it even broke through in a downstairs closet, ruining half of my winter gear and a few of my favorite board games. Luckily, though, the insurance company helped settle our squabble, and we stayed committed to each other.

The day that massive thunderstorm rolled through, I fell even deeper in love with this home. The power had gone out, and I placed candles all around to give a little relief from the pitch-black. Watching the lights flicker highlighted all the unique aspects about the house, and I felt mesmerized by the intensity of the thunder echoing down the halls. I stayed up half the night, clutching my hot cup of tea, just enjoying the sounds the storm with my beloved home.

Right now, though, we’re going through another rough patch.

This house is pretty historical. I mean, it’s almost 90 years old, and some of the stuff that’s in it just wasn’t meant to last that long.

My radiators, in particular, need a little updating. At first, they were one of the aspects of the house that attracted me. They’re like little robots hanging out in the corners of the rooms, and I found them endearing. But, now, they’re more like angry little pygmies that wait until I’m not paying attention so they can strike.

I guess I should mention that I’m pretty clumsy. I stumble, trip, and drop things basically all day, every day. If I was a video game character, I’d have run through all my lives, and then some, and have to restart the game. These radiators have become mini villains within my home. In the winter time, I must accidentally bump up against them at least once a day. In case you don’t know, radiators heat the room by doing what their name says: radiating heat. So, they’re hot to the touch.

Now, I’m struggling with a conundrum: should I rid my sanctuary of these blazing beasts? Or, should I try to live peacefully with them, risking my own potential for bodily injury?

Luckily, I’ve discovered a compromise. I found these covers called bespoke radiator cabinets. They look like small, decorative cabinets with holes to allow the heat through. The cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, and (my favorite part) they still have that historical look to them.

Even more, I get to reclaim a little bit of my limited square footage. The cabinets can be used as shelves for books, plants, or other decorative pieces, or they can double as tv stands, seats, or small tables. I really love the idea of using the same radiator cover in all my rooms to create a consistent theme throughout the house, but I can always customize them to fit the décor of each room if I want to. I love that flexibility. Plus, the fact that it cuts back on the noise from those little guys is a nice fringe benefit.

My home and I might not always see eye-to-eye. We’ll have our disagreements, and we’ll have those moments of joy. It’s a relationship, right? Deep down, though, we’re as committed as we’ll ever be. And not even those little heat monsters can come between us.