Switching to a New Commercial Deep Fryer

Day in day out, you are looking for ways to make all the areas of your restaurant more efficient. This includes all the equipment in the kitchen such as the commercial deep fryer. You also need to make sure you save on the operational costs of the kitchen to reduce on the overhead.

There are many aspects of the deep fryer that you need to consider so that you can get the best out of it. Let us check out some of the various aspects when looking for a replacement fryer.

Make the Move to an Energy Star

Well, you need to make the switch from a non-Energy Star fryer to an Energy Star fryer. With costs skyrocketing and capital not easy to come by especially for new businesses, you need to make sure you reduce costs every possible way. The Energy Star rating helps you conserve the environment as well as help you cut down on costs. For instance, a 50 percent rate for gas and 80 percent rate for electric can help you save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

Improved electronic controls make it possible for the fryer to switch into idle mode especially when inactive for some time. This is a vital feature especially in busy kitchens. This feature saves on energy costs.

Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with recovery time. Make sure the recovery time is fast so that you don’t sacrifice the performance of the unit to save some dollars on energy costs.

Advanced Technology

Just like any other appliances in the kitchen, the deep fryer now comes with advanced technology. You can now come up with unique settings for your tasks or use pre-defined settings. You also get to monitor the performance of the fryer using the console or by observing the behavior of the fryer.

With this technology, you get to pinpoint any issues that arise with the fryer faster and handle it immediately before you can lose money due to downtime.

The technology also allows you to operate the fryer easily and provide delicious meals. For one, you can never overheat the food because of the temperature controls.

You also make use of an in-built timer. The timer is digitized and you get to preset it depending on the available recipe. The timer helps you avoid overcooking your food. Check out a fryer that lets you take a peek into a window that shows what is cooking without necessarily opening the lid. With these features, safety isn’t an issue because kids around the house can’t access the dangerous parts of the fryer.

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Better Insulation

The level of insulation surrounding the fry pot is very vital. Old fryers had little or no insulation, leading to heat losses of more than 25 percent. A high level of insulation isn’t available for all the fryer models. You need to identify the fryer that has the right insulation to help you save some costs. However, you need to remember that you might end up paying some more. Nevertheless, the savings will definitely outweigh the costs in the long run.

Stainless Steel

The material of the fryer matters a lot. You can avoid burns, marks and rust on your fryer by getting one that is made of stainless steel. With stainless steel material, you are sure that the fryer will remain looking brand new even after a decade of use. However, commercial stainless steel fryers are more expensive than the rest, but they act as a worthwhile investment.

Stainless steel is also easy to clean. However, make sure the fryer has dishwasher friendly parts. The external parts should be in such a way that they protect you from the heat. Make sure the parts won’t burn your hands when handling them.

Automatic  Filtration

One of the hurdles most kitchens face is the problem with oil reuse. Having a deep fryer that comes with an automatic filtration system allows you to reuse the oil for several weeks. This feature saves you costs of cooking.

Last Thoughts

A commercial kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a deep fryer. You get to cook more quickly. You can use the predefined controls to make sure the food is well cooked without constant monitoring.