Staying Healthy While at the Office

In the context of fitness, cardiovascular capacity is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygenated blood to your muscles. Cardiovascular fitness is ability to do the above and for the muscles to efficiently used that oxygen to produce energy for movement. Everyone looking to increase their general fitness should be working cardio.

The at-risk businessman or woman

High-level sports competitors have known the benefits of developing cardiovascular fitness for ages. Recent science is helping to connect higher cardiovascular fitness to overall improved health. This means the nurse, doctor, and business wo/man stand to gain from a bit of physical training. Basically, a sedentary life, though generally desired, is a life at risk.

Studies have show that 6 hours or more spent sitting a day puts an individual’s health at risk of multiple conditions to include spinal disorders and a variety of cancers. Taking breaks every 30 minutes or so to move around can mitigate some risk, but only by 30% or so. The solution for many is an ergonomical chair or to scrap the chair altogether.

Some have opted to use a standing desk or a swiss exercise ball as this forces greater overall muscle engagement. The general idea is to not allow the bad posture that will almost inevitably set in during prolonged sitting.

The issue with sitting for prolonged amounts of time is that pressure is created on the spine. This pressure can cause bulging disk in many. This extra undue pressure can lead to strain in the lower back as posture continues to break down. This strain can lead to improper blood flow in the buttocks causing a multitude of abdominal issues.

How to mitigate risks

As stated before, breaks, exercise and a good diet can carry much of the weight in this situation. A healthy diet and a fad diet are completely different things. A diet is what you eat all the time. There is tons of information online, but here is a short guide.

Eat tons of fruits and vegetables

These are full of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. They’re easy to pack and easier to eat. Chances are there aren’t enough of them in your diet and they’d go a long way towards healthier cholesterol, blood pressure and weight levels. If you’re still worried about being hungry, add in some nuts, they’re high in healthy fats and calorically dense enough to satiate your hunger.

Fish is healthy, eat more of it

Fish are, like nuts, high in omega fatty acids which are healthy for your body, joints, and even brain. If you aren’t a fish type of person, chicken should be fine as well. Red meats are heavier and take more work to break down, so eat them, just try to balance it out.

Carbs aren’t as necessary as you think

The ketogenic diet is picking up steam and the concept is pretty simple. You don’t need a ton of carbs because your body burns ketones. Keytones are basically stored fat. You can eat all the protein, fruits, veggies and nuts that you want, just try to take it a bit easier on the sugars, breads and pastas.

Diet alone won’t do it, get to the park, gym or garage

Honestly, a healthy lifestyle is exactly that, a lifestyle. Going all-in makes everything easier. While you can just get up every thirty minutes and take a walk to the fountain and back, why not try a couple air squats? Exercising releases “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins and I’m sure we could all use those during the work day so here are some ideas for exercising.

If you’re fortunate enough to have one of the more liberal tech jobs or work at home, use you off time to get in a short jog. Take the time to clear your head. If you’re lucky to work from home and have a garage, put some workout equipment in there. Try an exercise bike, rowing machine or one of the treadmills reviewed at Treadmill Trends. As long as you’re moving your good.

If you aren’t able to get too far from your desk, a simple set of push-ups, sit-ups or the above-mentioned air-squats should do the trick. The goal is to get the blood flowing back through your body. Sitting in a chair can be stifling, mentally and with regard to circulation. If you’re less into risking becoming sweaty, a foam roller is a relaxing alternative that doubles as a massage.

It’s as easy or difficult as you make

Sitting all day can be a pain. Only you’re able to make it easier on yourself. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. If you’re looking for an extra edge, get an ergonomic chair and have it customized specifically to your height and workstation.