Reviews of the Most Reliable Table Saws in 2019

The true DIY’er or butcher (just kidding here) can’t do without a table saw so let’s see what there is on offer in the world of online retailers. If you are looking for one you already know how it works and what you can do with it so we won’t focus on that in this post. What we will focus on instead are the features that matter.

So What Does Matter?

The saw blades matter of course. Not every saw blade fits in every machine so you want to check out the technical details to ensure that your 5-inch blade fits just as well as your 12-inch blade. If not you should probably look for a different brand or model. Better find out too soon than too late.

Another thing about saw blades that people underestimate is if the table is equipped with a harbor on the left or right side, this might not matter at first glance but once you purchase a sliding extension it can get in the way of what you are trying to do so check this out for yourself.

The fence and miter gauge matter just as much and what you want to pay attention to is the sturdiness of the gauge. After all, it all comes down to safety and not just that, accuracy also plays a large role so don’t opt for the cheaper models as you are definitely going to regret it at some point.

Let’s not forget about the actual engine, it needs to be powerful enough to cut for hours in a row if that’s what you need, and it has a huge effect on the longevity of the machine, when it comes to table saws it’s better to spend a little more.

We could also ramble about safety features but if those weren’t in place the product wouldn’t have been approved for the US market so it makes no sense to go into detail about that.

Just trust that it has all the safety features it must have or there would be a lot of lawsuits, especially if you buy from Amazon you know you’re in good hands so let’s not worry about that. However, if you plan to purchase it from Alibaba instead you might want to check if it has the right features in place to prevent kickback.

Having said all that, let’s look at some models

Before we go any further I’d like to remind you of the importance of safety so we are going to look at some models that don’t come at a very low price, knowing that now you can continue reading but if you are looking for something for say two hundred bucks you won’t find it here and could just as well stop reading right now.

The Dewalt DWE7491RS Table Saw

I’m not a huge fan of large model numbers but when it comes to power tools we have no option in choosing based on that so let’s forget what I just said. The price is perhaps more important, at a not so measly $550 for this excellent table saw that has been featured on The Sharp Cut, a review site that specializes in woodworking power tools.

Relying on just one review site isn’t the most clever thing to do so let’s see what the people at the shopping sites have to say about it. Apparently, everyone is quite happy with this professional table saw as with a rating of 4.6 stars based on nearly a thousand people that took the effort to voice their experience it’s hard to go wrong here.

The Bosch 4100-10 Table Saw

As previously said, we aren’t going to skim on money while reviewing table saws so the next one I like to discuss is this sturdy model from Bosch. DeWalt and Bosch are probably the most reliable manufacturers when it comes to power tools so it makes sense to include them in this post. If you want to know all about the technical details I refer you to the manufacturer itself as they can tell you all about it and better than we do.

When you visit their page you can even hit the buy now button and they’ll refer you to one of their dealers nearby your home, and they also show who has it in stock and who hasn’t so that makes for an even easier shopping experience. You don’t see many manufacturers that offer that type of service so when something breaks and it’s still under warranty you have little to worry about.

Summing It Up

Finding the right table saw is literally a piece of cake and the section what matters when buying a table saw is totally irrelevant unless you are a complete cheapskate that wants a model for say $150-$300, with these type of things you must spend a little more and have a machine for life in your garage.