Outfitting the Upper Deck

So we moved into the new house last month and things have been going pretty great thus far. I love this place and so does the wife and we’re both very happy that we went with place instead of the other one a few miles down the road. This one has a better view and there’s also an upstairs deck (which was the clincher for me). We’ve been spending the last few weeks settling in, putting stuff away, the furniture finally arrived and me and the wife have been arranging, rearranging, and re-rearranging virtually everything in and out of the house with the verve of a young couple in their first home. Every nook and cranny of every room has been carefully considered with dramatic detail. The kitchen was the first room we got ship shape, then the bedroom, and the rest followed suit. You see, I promised the wife that I would make sure the entire house was just the way we wanted before I started on the outside, namely my upstairs deck. I had big plans for that deck and she knew it. She also knew that, if I had my druthers, I would have started on the upper deck first and the rest of it could wait.

Let me explain this deck to you, it’s the perfect place to get some work done as I overlook the lake just through the trees. It’s also the ideal place for breakfast on a Sunday morning, a romantic setting for two, and we can even entertain friends and family up there for about seven months of the year. When the fall and winter arrive, it might not be used as much, it can get pretty chilly in this neck of the woods…and when I say “woods”, we are surrounded by trees at all sides with the aforementioned lake just beyond the first thicket.

Now since I had all of these great ideas for how I wanted to use the deck, I started to plan what I was going to need up there. Chairs, sofas, and such, were a given. A table or two as well. Then I began to think about putting up a wet bar, you know, something that could be easily moved on and off the deck for the cold months but large enough to hold everything I needed. There was a sink up there already so I had some real estate to work with in regards to where stuff was going to go. Obviously, I needed a grill, something fancy with gas burners and a heating station and a sauce rack. You know, the works. The wife also suggested we get an ice maker. Brilliant idea, I thought. Who the heck wants to lug buckets of ice up the stairs from the kitchen every time we needed it? It was perfect for those hot days we were lounging around with cool drinks and entertaining at night. But I had two problems, the first was where would I put it and the second was what kind did I want to get? Luckily the wife, who’s always got great ideas, found this website: www.icemakercubes.com. They broke it all down for me with a buyer’s guide that offered tips and hints on what to look for when buying an ice maker, they explained the difference between residential and commercial ice makers, they even showed me how to pick between ice cubes and ice TUBES. There’s a difference there too, apparently, and it’s significant! They also had reviews of the best ice makers around with comprehensive descriptions of the capacities and capabilities of each make and model. The site featured ice makers of all sizes and shapes, I even found a few that were small enough to be portable, you know, for moving on and off the deck like I wanted to do with the wet bar.

Needless to say, we bought one for the deck and it arrived a few days ago. It complements the rest of the décor quite nicely and sits right next to the wet bar and the sink. So the entertaining area is pretty much all set. The grill should be arriving next week but I still haven’t decided on the furniture. I’ve asked the wife but she’s left these decisions to me, she’s informed me that she’s staying out of it. I guess I can’t blame her.