How to Secure your Garage Door

Securing your garage is a significant step towards securing your entire home. A garage provides a weak link that intruders target to access your house easily. More so, it houses some of the most appealing valuables to burglars including bikes, power tools, and cars among others. Also, some of the tools kept in the garage can be used to hurt you or your family if they fall into the wrong hands. Thus, keeping your garage secured should be considered as an essential part of your overall home security plan.

Securing the garage door plays a great role in protecting your valuable belongings from burglars. It makes it hard for intruders to invade the garage by putting in place security measures that limit their access. This article discusses some of the actions you can put in place to secure your garage from intruders.

Keep the garage door locked

Leaving your garage door open makes it very easy for thieves to see what’s inside and easily get away with your belongings. It is like giving them an open invitation to rob or hurt you and your family members. To ensure this does not happen, always lock the garage door. You can even automate the door in such a way that it locks itself automatically if left open for a pre-determined period of time. This way, your valuables will remain secure even if you forget to close the garage door by mistake. Also, you and your family will be safe from any unwelcome and uninvited guests.

Keep your garage door opener safe

Owing to the increased cases of garage break in’s including the six-second break in, the popularity of garage door openers has been on the rise with new models and designs hitting the market as technology advances. As such, you cannot open the garage door without the door opener remote. Leaving the remote within reach of burglars is giving them easy access to your home.

Therefore, see to it that you take your garage door opener remote with you wherever you go. There exists a valid argument on whether to hire professionals to install your garage door opener or buy a DIY kit. Well, owing to the broad array of garage door openers in the market, the mode and complexity of installation are dependent on the type you buy. You can research online to get a deeper insight into the different types of garage door openers and what you should consider before buying one.

Don’t share your keypad password

Rapid technological advancements have brought about new security measures that can be used to secure your garage door. Entering a unique security code is another mode of ensuring only authorized individuals can open the door. If you decide to secure your garage door with a lock that requires a unique password to open, do not share that password with anyone. Only share the security code with people you trust such as your family members and ensure you restrict them from sharing it with anybody.

As such, it is not possible to open the garage door without entering the right code on the keypad. In some instances, you may integrate the system with your home security system such that an alarm will set off if someone enters the wrong password more than once. If you get the feeling that the password might have been revealed to an outsider or someone you don’t trust, change it immediately.


Most homeowners install their garage door openers and forget that some of the mechanical parts of the door require regular or periodical maintenance.  Make sure you keep an eye on such parts to avoid corrosion and maintain or service these parts as and when needed. Always inspect the locks, hinges, and other replaceable items to detect any weaknesses.

Test your system

At times, it is not enough to set up the security measures and neglect testing whether they work. For instance, if you have an external keypad for entering your unique security code, see to it that it cannot be manipulated by reassembling it and taking out the batteries. If the door opens after you remove the batteries, you must rethink your system and employ other measures that are more effective. Think like a criminal and test your garage door security system for any weaknesses and vulnerabilities.


Securing the garage does not just amount to pulling down the garage door. You may not realize how valuable the things stored in the garage are until you wake up one day or come home to find everything is gone.

As much as losing your valuables can be devastating, the garage also offers an easier way to your house and also access to tools that could be used to hurt you or your family. The tips highlighted in this article are simple and realistic ways of enhancing the security of your garage as well as that of your family. You can prevent garage invasion by following the tips mentioned above. Therefore, it is important to take them into account when planning your home security to ensure your belongings and family stay safe.