How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

As your big day approaches, one of the biggest challenges you face when planning your wedding is figuring out what kind of entertainment to provide to your guests. Aside from an open bar, how do you keep a roomful of adults enthralled for a few hours? It may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t stress out; here are a few ideas to get you started:

Wedding Singer

People love music, and they love it even more at weddings. Even better, you can book live musical performances to really rock the house. A classic form of wedding entertainment is the wedding singer, a golden-voiced crooner who can regale you and your crowd with your favourite hits from the past and present.

As evidenced by testimonials on websites such asĀ, a talented and experienced wedding singer can provide a special ambience during the meal and afterwards, making your day that much more memorable for everyone involved.

At a fraction of the cost and setup required by a full live band, the wedding singer is your answer if you want to get your guests off their chairs and dancing on their feet without breaking the bank or having to worry about technical difficulties or subpar musicianship.


Some wedding singers and other wedding entertainment businesses also offer specialized DJ services. Serving as a master of ceremonies, the DJ will bring in their own sound system and play a variety of songs from a list of your requests, often mixing them according to the mood of your guests to keep the good times rolling. Your choice of musical entertainment can make or break your big day, so do your research and put some thought into this decision.

Game Room

Now that you’ve taken care of the music, what else can you offer your guests? Try setting up a game room and stocking it with darts, video games, and a ping pong or air hockey table — depending on your preferences — anything that encourages everyone to get together for a little friendly competition among the wedding parties.

A game room is ideal if there will be children at the reception, as it will keep them occupied and hopefully prevent them from getting bored. A newer option on the market is known as the Giant iPad, an oversized touchscreen you can hook your iPhone or iPad up to and play any game you can download from the App Store.

Photo Booth

If technology and games aren’t your thing, another popular option is to rent a photo booth, where your guests can slip in and take pictures of themselves to help immortalize your big day. If you don’t have the extra space for a photo booth, you can leave disposable cameras at each table and encourage your guests to snap their own shots for you to develop and enjoy at a later date.

Looking through the photos with your new spouse and reliving the festivities through the eyes of your family and friends is a heartwarming, once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget.