Fitness Tips for Using a Punching Bag

The punching bag is an essential fitness tool I any boxing gym. Boxers, martial artists, MMA, soldiers and a myriad of other boxers use this punching bag not only to get ready for an upcoming bout but also to stay fit. The bag that you see in gyms has been around for more than 3000 years, which means many people still have trust in it.

To get the best from this bag requires both tact and speed. Let us look at the top tips to help you use the bag properly.

Move with It

When hitting the bag, make sure you move around with it. Hitting it alone in a single position is a good exercise, but you will get more from the workout if you move around with the punching bag.

Make Use of a Swinger

There is a good reason why the punching bag is usually fixed high and allowed to swing. The aim is to help you get more out of the training. Block, duck, move away and move in towards the bag. One of the best ways to achieve the perfect endurance when training is to perform tiring acts. During fitness training, the best exercises to make your tired are kneeling and ducking. Kneel or duck to avoid the bag from hitting you in the face. Doing this will help build endurance and fitness.

Work Different Muscle Groups

You need to try to work the different muscle groups by varying the punches. Hit the punching bag in different ways so that you target different muscle groups in the body.

Simulate the Real Fight

To put yourself into the situation, put on full boxing gear. You will find that the workout is tougher when you do this. If you are preparing for an upcoming fight, you will find that this simulates the ring environment.

Use Interval Training

Interval training isn’t only in weight loss routines and other sports; it is also in boxing. Use interval training and changes in intensity to get maximum out of the session. Slow down and speed up intermittently so that you add on endurance. Use a timer while training. Try to go hard for 2 minutes and then pause a bit. Start punching again after 2 minutes for 2 more minutes. The aim is to train in rounds because as you know, boxing is all about rounds.

Immerse Yourself in It

Just because the bag is inanimate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it the way it is supposed to be used. For this technique, you need a longer and heavier bag. During this workout, try to maximize the combinations. Grab it, punch it close, and put a knee into it – anything that is acceptable. Ask your instructor at the London Fight Factory if they have grappling bags that are meant for this purpose. These usually don’t hand on a chain.

In Closing

The best training is where you are performing different movements. Using a punching bag for your boxing workout will give you the best exercise, only if you aren’t doing the same thing repeatedly. Research shows that if you do different things during the workout has amazing results.