Facts About Moving Pianos and Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Years ago, a neighbour made a terrible mistake. He hired a mover that didn’t have the right experience to move pianos. The neighbour’s lovely piano, with so many memories attached to it, ended up damaged. Don’t let this happen to you. When the time comes to move the piano, choose a mover that has experience moving such items. Let us look at the different facts about moving pianos.

Pianos are Heavy and Awkward

Pianos have been made to be heavy, making them awkward. They need more than one person to move from the house to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the new house. These pianos can weigh anything more than 1000 pounds, even more.

If you decide to move the piano by yourself, you risk spoiling it. You can even injure your back while at it, even breaking some bones. You also run the risk of destroying nearby items or anything that gets in your way.

Hiring the right movers is justified and an inexpensive method to prevent damages, and losses.

Pianos Need Extra Care During Handling

One of the biggest reasons why many people are willing to pay extra to get their pianos to the destination is because the instrument is delicate. Pianos require extra attention during the moving process. Apart from being delicate, these instruments are difficult to carry and to move, especially around staircases and hallways. You need professional movers who understand the need for care when handling the piano.

Citimap movers utilize certain equipment and techniques to get the task done the right way. They have special equipment and tools that are meant especially for moving pianos. They do this with the aim of minimizing damage to the piano.

They are Expensive

The main reason why pianos need utmost care when transporting is that they are expensive to buy and maintain. They are also expensive in the sense that they usually come attached with many memories. You need to be very careful when choosing the right mover so that the piano won’t get damaged during loading or offloading of the piano.

Professional movers understand the structure of the piano, plus its functionality. They use this knowledge to handle the piano the right way to prevent any damage.

So, don’t just hire anyone to do the moving, use a company that has experience moving the instrument. It is worth the time to look for the right mover for the piano at all times, regardless of the distance.

How Much Do You Pay for the Service?

You might be wondering how much it costs you to move the piano. The mover charges for the service depending on the distance you wish to move the piano to. The size of the piano also comes into play when determining the cost.

In Closing

Having a piano in the home is a joy for the whole family. Moving from one place to another with the piano is usually tough because of its size. Make sure you enlist the services of a professional mover to get the piano from one point to the next.