Excellent Headphone Features for Music Lovers, Fitness Fanatics and Socialites

The ability to listen to a personal playlist without disturbing others has truly revolutionized the way we all enjoy music, and it’s not uncommon for people to enjoy their music while working, exercising or even socializing with friends. However, with so many different features and models to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the ideal pair.

Fortunately, we’re here to help by offering insight on some of the common features of modern headphones, as well as how they can make an individual’s listening experience more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable – regardless of how or when they listen to their favorite tracks.

Features for the Audiophile

For people who take absolute delight in their music and truly care about the quality and clarity of sound, there are a variety of models categorized as studio quality headphones. These focus solely on delivering the clearest and most defined sound possible, with particular features that keep the listener enveloped in the audio waves. These include:

  • Noise Cancellation – Both active and passive noise cancellation technologies exist which block out the sounds of the world so as to ensure the listener is never distracted. Passive noise cancellation is simple, and basically just blocks the sound out with rubber or cotton earmuffs. Active cancellation is more advanced, and actually emits sound waves at particular frequencies so as to counteract and nullify other noise – in a similar way to how two waves moving across the top of water counteract interact with each other.
  • Volume Limiter – While some teenagers enjoy blasting music as loud as they can into their ears, playing music too loud can damage eardrums, which ultimately reduces the quality of a person’s listening experience. As such, a decibel limiting feature of around 85db is fantastic, as it allows audiophiles to listen to their music at a loud volume, without risking their eardrums.

Features for Fitness Fanatics

While some people listen to music for the sheer enjoyment of it, others utilize it for motivation and to add some “oomph” to their exercise routines. For such people, specialized features have been growing in popularity and, as seen on DextroAudio and other trusted review sites, more quality brands are designing headphones that cater to the lifestyle of an active fitness enthusiast. As such, the following features have been designed with specific focus of active individuals:

  • Sweat Resistance – While sweating is not always a comfortable experience, it is necessary when people get active and start to exercise. Unfortunately, many models of popular headphones aren’t designed to handle more than just light sweating, which is why this feature was designed. It protects components from the salty, corrosive liquid and allows users to go all out and stay fit without worrying about potential damage to their source of great music and motivation.
  • Light Weight – Although typical headphones can’t necessarily be considered heavy, even the lightest gadgets or material can become uncomfortable or painful during a tough workout. Fortunately, many fitness-focused models are designed to weigh as little as possible while providing a comfortable fit, reducing any chance of chaffing and keeping the ears pain-free.
  • Wireless Range – Carrying around a smart device or music player is never much of a hassle, although sometimes it can get in the way. This is why the wireless range of headphones is an important feature, so users don’t have to keep the device in their pockets or even on their person if they are simply working out at home or within a small area of the gym – allowing for more freedom to move without losing signal.

Features for Workaholics and Socialites

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include features workaholics and socialites, as oftentimes these are the types of people who need convenient features to stay productive and ahead of the pack. And while some of the features may be simple, they can make a big difference in the lives of those who need them. They include:

  • Portability – Being able to carry headphones around without having to worry about cables or safekeeping is an excellent feature, and some models even fold up into convenient carry cases. This can be important for those who are constantly on calls and require quality sound while travelling and attending meetings, as the headphones can be quickly folded up and put away when more personal interaction is required.
  • Versatility – Having a wireless device that can switch connections between a phone, computer and music player truly adds a whole new level of convenience. Gone are the days of having three separate ear-pieces for different machines or purposes, and now are the days of easy-button switching between pre-paired devices.

With so many different designs and features to choose from, anybody and everybody should be able to find the ideal model to cater to their lifestyles. From audiophiles to fitness fanatics and everyone in between, consumers can now enjoy headphones that not only suit, but actually complement their daily routines.