Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Power Recliner Chairs

Recliner chairs are not a new invention, especially in the 21st century, in which people look for viable solutions to various problems through technology. Since their first invention in the 1920s, the recliner or Lazy Boy chair has undergone a series of progress and modifications to meet the demands of the modern society. History has it that aging and mobility concepts inspired the invention of the recliner chairs. There was a need to respond to the requirements of aging and mobility-challenged consumers.

With time, the first power recliner hit the market in the early 80s. Today, there is a wide variety of the chairs in terms of design and prices. All the same, when you are out to shop for a recliner seat, you should have a few things in mind. Read on to find out what you should know when it comes to shopping for a power recliner seat.


Sometimes it may be you or your loved one. When a person is younger or middle-aged, getting on and off the sofa may not be a big deal. However, as age sets it and one becomes older, it becomes rather difficult to move up or down the normal sofa or chair. At that point, all you need is a power recliner with automatic operation. Power recliner chairs offer various benefits for people in homes, offices, and business places.

The chairs are available both in stores and online. With several options available, choosing the right chair could be quite overwhelming. It would be necessary to consult a licensed physiotherapist or a reliable manufacturer to get the details of a reliable recliner.  The following are some of the points to consider when shopping for a power recliner chair.

Number of adjustable positions

This probably is the most important factor to consider, especially when you buy for an aged person. When shopping for recliner chairs, you will find them graded in two-level, three-level, or infinite-level. For recliners with infinite levels, they have two motors that allow the footrest to move up or down independently. For example, if you would like to sit upright with the footrest up, you can use this type of recliner comfortably.

For chairs with 2-level or 3-level adjusters, they come with a single motor that allows the backrest to recline to full position and the footrest to slide out. A recliner with a 2-level adjustment can only recline to forty-five degrees. You can learn more about power recliner chairs at

Choose a recliner according to your body size

Each person is unique and comes with a different body configuration. Experts recommend a larger recliner chair since it comes with a deeper seat cushion. If you choose a chair with a smaller configuration, it may affect your back. This may be tricky for a first-time buyer, which is why you should liaise with an expert before you choose a recliner seat.

Consider the type of cover

Recliner chairs are available in different types of coverings. For example, leather covering may not be the best choice for people who sweat a lot. Similarly, if the user has a problem of incontinence, a fabric covering may not be the best choice. Besides, leather covering is often more expensive compared to other types of materials. However, it offers more benefits as well.

Consider your living area

The space in your living area is important when selecting a recliner seat. Some models should be placed against the wall while others are able to stand on their own while sliding open forward without hitting against the wall. In addition, some models slide forward and backward, which may not work well if you have a tight space.

Complex features

Apart from the basic features that you may find in a recliner chair, modern models come with more additions. Some advanced features that you can find in a power recliner include a vibrator in seats, heated seats, cup holders, or lift speed levels.

Benefits of power recliner seats

A power recliner sofa could be a great supplement to your home. If you wonder what benefits you would derive from this piece of furniture, here are just a few:

    • It is easy to operate, just using power
    • It aids mobility for physically impaired or aged users
    • They are available in many designs

With these tips, you can shop wisely for a recliner seat.