Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet

Today’s kitchen faucets contribute to the overall kitchen style and look. Faucets have been a part of the kitchen design for ages, and they are both functional as well as decorative. With the right kitchen faucets, you can convince a potential buyer who knows the value of the kitchen to home to pay a premium price for the house when the time comes to sell.

There are a lot of faucet types on a platform such as and each is ideal for a specific type of sink. You will get filtered water faucets, electronic models, prep-sink faucets and many more. You are looking at various features when choosing the right one for your kitchen. Here are a few aspects to consider when making a choice.


Choose the best faucet that you can afford. The faucets are great for daily use, and they make it a worthy investment. Take time to consider your budget and choose a faucet that meets the budget. However, don’t fear to splurge a little because the faucets are great for daily use.

The Type

You also have to consider the type of faucet you are looking for. In this case, you have the pull-out. pull-down, single or double control, and more. After deciding on the style, the next thing is to choose the kind of finish that you want. These can be stainless steel, nickel, brass, chrome and more. You also need to choose whether you want them in brushed or satin.

Another aspect that determines the type is the spout height and reach. For smaller sinks, go for faucets that are between 3 and 5 inches. Higher faucets are for bigger sinks.

The sprout style is also something you need to consider. Gooseneck style faucets are trendy because they allow more room for cleaning large pots and pans.

The Brand

You also need to understand that the faucets come in brands. With so many brands available, you need to know which ones are reputable and which ones aren’t to be trusted. The trusted names in the industry are more guaranteed when it comes to the use and delivery as well as service warranty. However, you need to consider the warranty, durability, reliability and how best they can serve the purpose you wish to use them for.

The Current Faucet and Sink

If you already have a faucet and sink in place, then it is advisable that you determine whether you wish to retain it or get a new one. If you decide to keep the sink, then you will use the existing holes in the sink that are already there, which makes everything easier for you. From here you can then decide if you wish to add a sink dispenser or anything new.

If you decide to get a new sink, then it is imperative that you choose faucets that are compatible. The new faucets can be mounted directly from the c deck or to the countertop. For those that decide to stick to the sink, then it is prudent that you chose a design which will go with the style of the sink. For instance, if you have a stainless steel sink, then you wouldn’t want to go for an antique style faucet.

Price and Quality

For a more durable and functional faucet, go for stainless steel, or solid brass faucet. This might be more expensive, but you are sure that you will get the most from the whole arrangement. Plastic faucets won’t last and are cheaper, and they will require frequent replacement which in the long run becomes more expensive.

You also need to decide how hi-tech you wish to go. There are those that give you a seamless integration into the existing sink but add some technology to the mix. For instance, consider if you want to have a handsfree operation. Touch-sensitive controls, built-in water filters as well as water pause buttons. However, you will spend more money on these extra features.

Final words

Choosing the kitchen faucet has become more than just a functional aspect – you also need to consider the decorative aspect as well. Take time to understand what you need in terms of the faucet before you decide to either buy a new one or not.