Buying Hotel Beddings: A Hotel Owners’ Guide

Providing an energising night’s sleep for your customers goes beyond a perfect mattress. The linen ought to be spot on as well. Having the bed luxurious is one of the ways to bring your customers back. So, take time to choose the right beddings to make sure your customers enjoy a restful night each time they come to stay at the hotel.

Today we look at how to choose the perfect beddings for your hotel rooms.

Choosing the Perfect Mattress

The right mattress helps your customers enjoy a deeper, refreshing sleep by providing the right kind of support and comfort.

As a hotel, you need to understand that the kind of patrons that come to your establishment are tired from touring the town, and all they need is to lie down and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Here are a few factors that you need to look into when choosing the perfect mattress.


When choosing the perfect mattress, you need to make sure it isn’t too hard or too soft for the person sleeping in it. If the mattress is perfect, it moulds to the shape of the body, while giving the support you need. A hard mattress is uncomfortable and leads to back pain, while a soft mattress might not offer the support you need.


You need to choose the size of the mattress depending on the size of the bed. This means you need to know the size of the bed before you leave the house for the shop. If you have a small bed, it is ideal to upgrade to a bigger one, because you wish to provide the ultimate experience for your customers.

The more space you provide, the better the customer sleeps. Most of the customers you will receive will most likely come with their spouses, which means you need to have a little of both. For instance, have single beds for customers travelling alone, or for those travelling as couples.


The lifespan of a mattress is roughly 8-10 years, but if you are running a busy hotel, it can be lower. The lifespan applies only to high-quality mattresses, so make sure you get the right one to enjoy these benefits.

Protecting the Mattress

When you care for the mattress properly, it can last many years even with constant use. Using a mattress protector helps guard the mattress against stains, and promotes proper hygiene.

With a protector, you don’t need to clean the mattress all the time, all you need to do is to wash the protector and you are done.

Using a topper is also ideal for those looking to upgrade older mattresses to give them a fresh new look. Choose a mattress protector that matches with the decor, and that is comfortable.

Buying the Right Duvet

The right duvet makes your bed luxurious and a pleasure to use the bed. When you have the right duvet, you can enjoy precious hours catching some much-needed sleep to rejuvenate you for the next day.

Make sure you determine the weight, warmth, and softness of the duvet. This is dictated by its filling rating.

The Right Kind of Pillows

Just like mattresses, the pillows ought to offer the right kind of support and comfort. Using the wrong pillows will make your customers wake up with neck strain, interruption of sleep and increase in snoring.

Make sure you have different kinds of pillows for the customers, in different sizes and consistencies. You can ask the customer whether they have special needs and supply the mattresses. Remember, what is right for some customers might not be right for the others.

To choose the best pillows, go for those that have natural fillings. The natural fillings mould around your head and neck, making it more comfortable. The pillow needs to be more firm to relieve pressure around the head while you sleep, and still be comfortable and luxurious.

The Linen

You need to have the best linen and towels, which make the whole experience amazing for your guests. The linen you choose makes the difference between a return visit from your guests and a onetime visit.

First, you need to choose the right fabric, which depends on the effect you wish to have in the rooms and personal preferences. There are different types of fabrics used in bed making, and you need to choose the perfect one for your hotel.

The Bottom-line

Take time to understand what kind of effect you want for the hotel rooms and find the right beddings to achieve this effect.