Benefits of Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is slowly but steadily catching up with tent camping. Armed with a hammock, you can have fun in the wild without the traditional camping tents and all. Today we look at the benefits that hammock camping comes with, and how you can make it even better.

It Is Comfortable

Comfort is subjective, but this is one of the biggest reasons that people opt for hammock camping. Many people are tired of spending their camping days on the cold hard ground. For many campers, making the change from the ground to hanging was a real game changer and made them eager to get outside again.

The great thing about hammock camping is that you can pitch it up without worrying about the terrain. You end up feeling great all the time without having to walk a few extra miles to get the right terrain is a great thing.

Proven you get the right sleeping angle and you have set up the hammock the proper way, the gentle rocking motion of the hammock can help you sleep faster and much better than ever. The hammock also molds along your body lines, and this means you enjoy the comfort as compared to sleeping on the hard ground each day.

Since you are suspended a few feet above the ground, bugs and critters that roam the ground cannot reach you at all. You don’t have to carry a sleeping pad at all, and when tucked into the hammock, you can enjoy the night sky.

It Is Easy to Handle

Hammocks aren’t bulky at all, and they are easy to set up and take down. Carrying them is easy, all you do is roll it up, and it is ready for the ride. It is also light and won’t take up a lot of your luggage space. You can easily take it down after a peaceful sleep and then do it again, night after night.

Even when combined with a tarp or bug net, the whole package is still easy to carry.

It Is Versatile

When you decide to become a hammock camper, you start seeing the world differently. You are no longer scouring the ground for a suitable terrain for the campsite, what you start looking for is a set of trees to hold the hammock, which makes your priorities much simpler because trees are all over.

All you need is to find two trees that can hold your weight and you have a campsite at the ready. With this perspective, you will soon have many trees that are viable.

However, you need to make sure the trees handle the weight. If you are planning to use a double hammock for two people, read this camping hammock review to make the perfect choice. Once you have the hammock, make sure the trees that you choose can hold the combined weight.

You remain High and Dry

With a hammock system, you get to pitch a tarp high above you which keeps the weather off you and your bed. You can hand other gear such as your pack from the hammock suspension lines. Other hammocks have been designed to hold items such as extra clothes and small essentials like earplugs and your flashlight. You can set up the hammock and use it as a bench seat when cooking or relaxing.

Once you become adept at pitching the hammock, you become confident that you will keep dry even in the harshest of environments.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting the best time out in the wild, you have several options to choose from regarding where to sleep. Hammocks are quickly catching up because of the high level of comfort and ease of use.