Autograph Seekers, I Have The Bag For You

I hate to admit it, I’m one of those guys. I’m a major autograph hound. Living in Hollywood, you sure have a lot of chances to get them. When you’re living in the city of movie premieres and red carpet events, it’s pretty easy to find out where and when all of these exciting things are taking place. They practically advertise them in the trade papers or the movie theaters themselves will tell you when a premiere is happening.

The Chinese Theatre has the most of them. There’s nearly one a week it seems and the best time of all is in the summer since a new movie opens pretty much every weekend. All the stars show up, of course. But in Hollywood, these gala events are really going on year round. So if there are some celebrities coming out for a new movie at one of the theaters or event halls around here, I load up my bag with 8×10 stills or a movie poster and get a bunch of Sharpies. Black and silver or gold, because sometimes the picture or poster you’re having them sign is dark and the black Sharpie doesn’t really show up very well. Therefore you need the silver or the gold one, so you can see what they’ve written.

I’ve gotten quite a few over the last year or two, the list is pretty long. George Clooney, Matthew McConnaughey, Woody Harrelson, Eva Mendes, Vin Diesel, Sofia Vergara, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga (!), Cameron Diaz, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Hugh Jackman, January Jones, Mark Wahlberg, Jay Baruchel, Chris Pratt, just to name some! Each one of them was happy to do it for me! They were all so very cool, especially James Franco! The nicest guy in the whole world!

Of course, as with everything in life, it’s important to have the right bag. You don’t want to put delicate photos or a poster that you’re about to have a celebrity sign into your backpack just to have it get damaged inside by the other things you’ve got banging around inside. Your precious items can get ruined easily unless you’re careful. So I did some searching and I found some great bags that are built for protecting your delicate collectibles. You can never be too cautious, so looking for the right bag is imperative for any dedicated autograph hound. The Luggage on Tour website has a wide range of bags and other luggage to fit every need and you can find out all the particulars for each one with information provided by Eliza, who breaks down the good and bad of every bag that she reviews. Trust me, this is a vital resource for any autograph seeker who hits all the big events routinely. Make sure all of your stuff is well protected before and after you get your favorite celebrity to put their name on it!

Good luck and happy hunting. I’ll see you on the Red Carpet!