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Reasons to Consider Exercising Regularly

Whether you want to come to grips with it or not is irrelevant, exercising is an important part of maintaining physical (and sometimes emotional) health. If you ignore your body and refuse to partake in any physical activity, then chances … read more

Accessories you need for getting around

Driving and biking accessories can often begin to seem like a waste of money, if you spend a long time browsing through all the different types, designs and brands. However, such accessories don’t simply exist only to get us to … read more

Reducing your carbon dioxide emissions

Two countries account for almost 50% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of energy: China and the USA. Of course, this is partly down to the fact that both countries have large populations. That fact, however, cannot … read more

Stay safe during your run

In October 2015, in Panama City, Florida, Darrell Corbin was jogging through a local park on a Wednesday morning, when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a pack of five pit bull-type dogs. He was taken completely by surprise, as … read more

A Winter Party

My husband and I have many hobbies, from gardening to amateur dramatics. We have a large garden and take pride in its appearance. Throughout the better months we spend most evenings sitting in the garden, sometimes with a bottle of … read more

Outfitting the Upper Deck

So we moved into the new house last month and things have been going pretty great thus far. I love this place and so does the wife and we’re both very happy that we went with place instead of the … read more