Are You a Newbie at Instagram Tools? Read This Article Severally

Instagram automation is just that – making tasks easier using automation tools. These tools automate the repetitive tasks that you need to do day in day out with the aim of growing your Instagram account. However, the automation process needs a sober mind, so that you don’t end up messing your account.

We talked to a few experts about automation, and we came up with a safe list for those looking to begin the automation process. Here is the list.

Focus on Creating Great Content

Now that you are using a bot to make everything easier for you, there is a lot of free time to use. Use this free time to create better content – images, video, and stories. Make sure you tell better stories and put more effort at wowing your audience. This is because as much as the bot is working wonders for you, you also need to get the other followers naturally and rack up the likes as well.

Imagine you grow over 100,000 followers, yet your content doesn’t look anything like 50,000. The Instagram algorithm will sniff you out and put the account to task asking how you got such a high number of followers with such poor content.

Answer All Your Comments

Many users take the automation to a whole new level – a scary one. Automating your account is supposed to boost your tasks, and not take over all the tasks that you need to automate. Some of the tasks you can automate easily include:

    • Liking of posts.
    • Auto-following and unfollowing of users.
    • Scheduling posts.
    • Monitoring some analytics that aren’t available with the standard analytics on Instagram.
    • Direct messaging of new followers.

These are some of the tasks that you can easily automate, but one of the tasks you shouldn’t automate is commenting on the comments that have been left behind by users.

Commenting needs you to read the comment, whether a question or a statement and come up with an appropriate answer. If you automate comments, then you can easily answer a comment with a question, which tells your audience that the responses are automated.

You also need to write compelling DMs that convey a message, especially when you have to respond to a DM. If you are using the DM feature to welcome new members, then you need to automate only the first message and not subsequent ones.

Don’t Spam Your Users

When it comes to using bots, many users get excited at the prospect of getting many numbers in such a short time or performing an activity faster than they usually do. What you need to do when you start automation is to make sure you don’t get excited. This means taking the numbers gradually without going beyond the limits.

When you go over the limits, users see you as a spammer, and they brand you as such, they unfollow you, and you end up with just a few users who have no option but to follow you.

You don’t have to put the account on auto all the time. Most of the top bots give you an option to perform the tasks manually or pause them. Use this feature often to look natural and not too automated. Fred Harrington takes time to look at the top bots that can give you advanced features not common to all the other too. Check out the list and choose the right one for your needs.

Final Words

It takes more than a few posts on Instagram to grow your account. You need to use a bot that not only automates your monotonous tasks but also gives you time to come up with the right content for your needs.