Accessories You Need for Getting Around

Driving and biking accessories can often begin to seem like a waste of money, if you spend a long time browsing through all the different types, designs and brands. However, such accessories don’t simply exist only to get us to part with our money – many of them do have useful functions.

Most accessories fit into at least one of three categories: those which are designed to improve our safety, such as high visibility cycling jackets and improve lighting accessories for cars; those which make our journey more comfortable or convenient, such as heated seats and GPS systems; then there are those which are simply made to improve the esthetic experience of riding or driving, such as bicycle spoilers and truck nuts.

The third type of accessory is more likely to affect the experience of other road users around you, while having little to no effect on you as a rider or driver. You may experience reactions ranging from a positive thumbs up, to an outraged burst of verbal abuse, to astonished and bewildered glares. It all depends on who you are, what the accessory is, and where you show it off.

The first two types of accessory are the ones which tend to justify their price tag a lot more. Being able to cycle in the rain and not get wet has a definite value that can be expressed in monetary terms – you can save the money you would have spent on a taxi. A cup holder in your car saves you time that you may have spent sitting in Starbucks, or the amount you would have had to spend cleaning the coffee out of the fabric of your passenger seat.

Some accessories, of course, are mandatory in most places. Examples of these include things like motorcycle helmets. It’s not a case of whether you need to buy one, it’s a case of which one you want to buy. Other associated accessories may or may not be mandatory, but you still have the opportunity to shop around at places like to find what you need.

There are so many accessories available at dealerships and in auto stores, that choosing what is necessary and what isn’t, can become a difficult task. If you think you’ve found something which you actually need, don’t be surprised if the price is way higher than you expected. Dealerships make a lot of money this way. You might be able to save some of your hard-earned dollars by simply noting down the product name and searching for it online – especially at online stores and auction sites, which need to be more competitive, as they know the customer has more options at the click of a button. Some accessories require professional installation. Dealerships also make a lot of money on this, but you’ll need to be careful about where you go looking for a better price, if you don’t want to pay top dollar. Many accessories, especially electronic ones, won’t work properly if they’re not installed exactly right.

For cars, typical accessories that people buy for the interior include floor mats and set covers. If you live in a particularly sunny and hot climate, tinted windows and parking your car in the shade may still leave it feeling like an oven when you step back into it. You can easily counter this by purchasing high quality sun reflectors to put up in the windows when you’re not in the car. These will reflect the sun’s rays, including its UV light, away from the car, preventing it from heating up.

Another popular upgrade that people often make is to the vehicle’s audio system. This invariably costs a fair amount of money, not least for professional installation. More serious upgrades, such as remote-locking, lighting upgrades and mirror locks are almost always going to cost quite a bit to purchase and install. It is better to use your dealership to ensure that that are properly fitted and installed, however, as you really don’t want to find that you are experiencing problems with them.

Accessories which can too easily be overlooked, include fire extinguishers, repair kits, first aid kits, tool kits and additional fuses. Make sure you have everything you actually need before you start upgrading for vanity reasons.