A Winter Party

My husband and I have many hobbies, from gardening to amateur dramatics. We have a large garden and take pride in its appearance. Throughout the better months we spend most evenings sitting in the garden, sometimes with a bottle of wine or two, and take in the views or read a good book.

We have spent a small fortune on a multitude of gardening tools, and my husband often lets his inner child out with the ride on lawn mower. I am sure he mows the lawn even when it doesn’t need doing, he just enjoys riding his little tractor.

We try to plant a wide variety of flowers to make the garden as colourful as possible. Each flower bed can take up to an hour a week to tend to, and we have at least twenty at any given time, so it is a huge task keeping everything just right.

Treading The Boards

My husband and I both enjoy amateur dramatics. We have been a member of our local group for six years. They put on two musicals a year, one in spring and one in fall. The last show we put on was called ‘Annie get your gun’, it is basically a love story based in the wild west. I had never had the courage to audition for a lead role, but on this occasion I decided to, and to my surprise I got the part.

I had always been in the chorus, making up the background hustle and bustle for the big musical numbers. Rehearsals were only once a week, but with a lead role, I had to rehearse twice and sometimes three times a week. It was a huge part of my life for four months.

After the week run of the show, the lead character usually holds the after show party. This time it was a party that I was going to organise, arrange and host.

The Party

This particular show was in fall, so an outside party was out of the question, because people would get cold. While our house isn’t small, it would be cramped when the cast, which was 40 strong, descended on us. We had to think of something, and pretty fast.

I had read reports on various ways in which to heat your garden during the colder months, but some of them seemed to work out as expensive options. After buying the heater you would have to constantly replenish the fuel, this was something I wanted to avoid.

I looked around and came across a website called http://myinfraredheaters.net/, they had lots of information which explained in simple terms what an infrared heater was and how they work. I decided this was the perfect option to enable me to host an outdoor party.

After a long show week, the party was something everyone was looking forward to. It is a chance to talk about what went wrong, but more importantly what went right during the performances. Everyone let their hair down and the party was a complete success, and I had plenty of compliments about our warm, toasty and beautiful garden.

What Next?

My husband and I decided to take a break from performing for a while, it took up so much of our time, we nearly forgot to make time for us as a couple. Our evenings are now spent back in our garden, rather than small halls rehearsing, by far a more enjoyable way to spend your time off.

Who knows what is next on our activity list, but one thing is for sure, our garden is and always will be a huge part of our lives.