A Beautiful Gift

My best friend Jo had an amazing life, she had 3 beautiful children, a large house in a great area, a car that most people could only dream of and a gorgeous husband. Jo and her husband had the best relationship and got on so well, they were a real team and it was great to see such a happy family unit.


The thing about my friend is, in spite of her hugely busy life, she always made time for her friends too. If you needed some advice, help or pretty much anything, she was there for you.

I used to help her out every now and again, babysitting, occasional shopping and we used to meet up once a month to have a girl’s day out.


One day Jo called me, she was crying and a bit hysterical.  I asked her what was wrong and she said her husband had left her.  I couldn’t believe it. Jo said he gave little explanation, apart from he was depressed and couldn’t take the stress of their busy life anymore.

I was in total shock and of course, I went to see her straight away.   My friend was a mess, understandably.  This guy was the love of her life and they were always so happy when I saw them, and she confirmed this and said she couldn’t understand it.


I insisted everyone came to stay with me for a while and I would babysit, wherever possible and we could keep each other company and I would support her through this awful time.

My house was not exactly equipped for all of the little people.  I had to childproof everything, as my friend’s kids were very young, two, four and five.

We planned for them to stay with me for at least a month, so they could get themselves straight and sort out their next step.

It was great to have them around.  I lived on my own, so apart from the television on in the background, my life was pretty quiet.  Having these guys around was brilliant.  The house was filled with laughter and we had so much fun.

The cooking was absolute chaos.  Going from cooking for one to cooking for five was a real challenge.  Jo and I planned out the meals and took it in turns to cook.


Jo’s kids loved the usual foods that kids love, fast food, candy, ice cream but they also loved vegetables and rice. Cooking a large batch of rice was a real challenge with my cooker as it was small, it was ok for one or two people but not for cooking on a large scale. So, I decided to buy a rice cooker.  My mum had one and I knew how good they were for cooking in bulk, if you bought one of the larger models.  I did my research on the internet and came across an amazing website called: www.ricecooker.expert, it was a real help when making my choice.

It worked so well, the kids would eat rice for pretty much every meal, so cooking it in one large batch was perfect.

Moving On

My friend has since gone home, to resume her life without her husband, who to this day she hasn’t heard from.  I gave her the rice cooker; as I thought that, in some small way it would help make her life a little easier.

I am always there for her, as she has always been for there me and she is such a strong person, I know she will rebuild her life and be happy once again.