6 Gifts to Get Your Toddler for His Birthday

Is your two-year-old’s birthday approaching and you’re stumped on what to get him? A toddler is a spirited explorer bursting with curiosity and wonder. Perfect gifts for him include anything colorful, fun, and exciting; anything that encourages his imagination and creativity and challenges his mind — as well as his mobility as he begins to move around more. Here are six birthday gifts bound to put a smile on your two-year-old’s face.

1. Toys

Let’s start with the obvious answer to what to get a 2 year old for his birthday: toys! From puzzles and trains to push- and pull-toys and balls, there’s a whole world of exciting toys out there waiting to be discovered by your eager toddler.

Don’t forget about bathtime — the fun needn’t stop there! The traditional yellow rubber ducky never gets old, but feel free to get crazy. Choose from an array of bathtime playsets, as well as animal-themed soaps and wash mittens.

2. Art supplies

Unleash the budding artist within your little one and provide him with the tools he needs to create his masterpiece. Your boy will be free to hone his creative talents and in return, you’ll have many pieces of artwork to stick to the refrigerator. Think: crayons, paints, felt tip pens, and colorful (or plain) paper. Always remember to check all your art supplies are non-toxic and machine washable before you buy them.

3. Books

Everyone holds a special place in their heart for the books they treasured as a child. And for parents, there’s no better, more wonderful, memory than cuddling up with your son and reading a story together. Your baby’s now a toddler, so look out for books with a few more words on each page and more involved storylines than the simpler books he’s used to. Consider re-purchasing your old childhood favorites, or browse the internet or a bookstore for the newest bestsellers.

4. Play kitchen

Is your child a future Michelin chef? Get him a play kitchen and find out! Playing with plastic fruits, vegetables, cutlery, pots, spatulas, and plates will bring hours of fun. Your toddler will love washing, cutting, stirring, eating, drinking, etc just like the grownups do. The best thing about a play kitchen is that your boy will be drawn to it for years to come and further expand the pretend-play experience as he grows; it’s truly a worthwhile investment.

5. Large construction blocks

It’s a universal fact that all toddlers love building blocks. A classic set of brightly colored blocks is perfect for grabbing, stacking, and building before knocking them all down and beginning again — or simply organizing them based on color and shape. However your toddler chooses to play with them, building blocks are a great activity for developing motor skills, as well as creativity. Just be sure your construction blocks are large enough to avoid a choking hazard.

6. Wagon

The wagon is a traditional gift for toddlers which has really been reinvented in recent years. They’re now comfortable, practical, and versatile enough to bring with you on a fun family day out. And, at home, your toddler will love pushing and pulling the wagon around on his own — especially after throwing in all his toys.

So, there you have it: six exciting gifts to get your toddler on his birthday. Above all, have fun and relax when you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift. Most toddlers are happy with new things and find joy in any and all gifts. A good rule of thumb is: if you like it, then he probably will too.