5 Items I Wish I’d Put on My Wedding Registry

Starting your wedding registry is an exciting process, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. It can feel like you’re being asked to consider your entire life in one sitting. Fortunately, you can update your wedding registry throughout your engagement. If you’re trying to decide what to put on your registry, check out this list of five items I wish I’d put on my wedding registry.

1.) A Bread Machine

As a child, nothing was better than walking into the house and smelling a fresh loaf of bread baking. I want my children to have that same domestic experience in my house. But let’s be honest. I’m a full-time working woman, and I don’t have time to roll out and knead dough. Bread machines are the answer for the working mom. Check out this list of best selling bread machines if you’re interested.

2.) A New Bed Frame

This one might just be me. The bed frame my husband and I are sleeping on is an antique that was gifted to my mom when she was pregnant with me, and while the nostalgia behind that is sweet, the truth is that it creaks something terrible. We’ve been wanting a new bed frame for a while–something sturdy with under-the-bed storage–but I was too afraid to put it on my registry because it was so expensive.

Here’s what I learned: People will spend good money on you at your wedding. The $89 knife set I put on my registry was ignored by my uncle, who spent $200 on a much better knife set than I would have dared ask for because he wanted to make sure I had something of quality to last my entire marriage, not just the first year.

Had I known how much people were willing to spend, I would have dared put some of the big-ticket items on our registry that my husband and I had been saving for.

3.) A Weed Whacker

There is nothing at all sexy about yard work, which might be why I was reluctant to put any outdoor equipment on our registry. But after a summer of trying to hand-cut the long grass that grows up around our steps and the edge of our house, I really regretted not asking for this handy tool.

4.) Good Tools

My husband and I own a hammer and two screw drivers, so tools were not at the top of my priority list when I was setting up the registry. I mean, what else do you need?

Apparently, a whole bunch of stuff. Currently we invite our brother-in-law over any time we need to do… well, anything. Yesterday we borrowed his drill so that we could install child safety locks on our kitchen cabinets. And while he’s lovely about helping us out, my husband and I area going to have to spring for some tools pretty shortly.

If, like my husband and me, you’re not really well-versed in what you need, ask someone in your family who is. I’m sure our brother-in-law would have been happy enough to advise us on tools when we were setting up our registry, since it would have meant not coming over to our house to help us out every time we need a tool we don’t have.

5.) A Toy Box

We don’t even have kids yet and it seems like we’ve started a toy factory in our house. Between our five nieces and our nephew, toys are always accumulating as we look for new ways to entertain them when we’re babysitting. I wish I had thought about that when I was contemplating what storage items we need for our house, because the five cute bookshelves I have in the living room don’t prevent the toys from taking over the floor.

So that’s it: Five things I wish I’d put on my registry. And while your mileage may vary, my advice is to consider what your lifestyle actually entails, not just what you wish it would. And don’t be afraid to put a couple of your big-ticket items on your registry: You might just be surprised by who wants to spend money on you for your big day.