A Winter Party

My husband and I have many hobbies, from gardening to amateur dramatics. We have a large garden and take pride in its appearance. Throughout the better months we spend most evenings sitting in the garden, sometimes with a bottle of … read more

Outfitting the Upper Deck

So we moved into the new house last month and things have been going pretty great thus far. I love this place and so does the wife and we’re both very happy that we went with place instead of the … read more

A Beautiful Gift

My best friend Jo had an amazing life, she had 3 beautiful children, a large house in a great area, a car that most people could only dream of and a gorgeous husband. Jo and her husband had the best … read more

Kitchen Gadgets You Cannot Live Without

There are so many gizmos and gadgets available for todays’ modern kitchen.  Some are labor saving devices, some complete an entire job, where some just assist.  Whatever your requirement, there is a gadget on the market for you. Here is … read more