Accessories you need for getting around

Driving and biking accessories can often begin to seem like a waste of money, if you spend a long time browsing through all the different types, designs and brands. However, such accessories don’t simply exist only to get us to … read more

Reducing your carbon dioxide emissions

Two countries account for almost 50% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of energy: China and the USA. Of course, this is partly down to the fact that both countries have large populations. That fact, however, cannot … read more

Stay safe during your run

In October 2015, in Panama City, Florida, Darrell Corbin was jogging through a local park on a Wednesday morning, when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a pack of five pit bull-type dogs. He was taken completely by surprise, as … read more

A Winter Party

My husband and I have many hobbies, from gardening to amateur dramatics. We have a large garden and take pride in its appearance. Throughout the better months we spend most evenings sitting in the garden, sometimes with a bottle of … read more

Outfitting the Upper Deck

So we moved into the new house last month and things have been going pretty great thus far. I love this place and so does the wife and we’re both very happy that we went with place instead of the … read more

A Beautiful Gift

My best friend Jo had an amazing life, she had 3 beautiful children, a large house in a great area, a car that most people could only dream of and a gorgeous husband. Jo and her husband had the best … read more